General Keynote

Keynote Series Premiere: Smart Solutions - Shaping Our Future

Today's biggest trends are forcing us to think differently and develop better ways to confront challenges. Innovative technologies are shifting the landscape one advancement at a time. And with the rise of big data, an ever-increasing information surge is influencing our decisions in ways like never before. At the heart of all this, Hexagon is revolutionizing ways to channel this change for the road ahead. In this keynote, Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén discussed the role that Hexagon's technologies play in visualizing problems to gain a competitive edge -- enabling companies to do things smarter, faster, cheaper, with less effort and with less waste. Joined by the Company's divisional presidents, he addressed how smart solutions will forever shape the way we work and live, and ultimately, help customers and nations move towards their productivity and development goals. The more we know, the more we can guide and deliberately shape the future -- it's ours to create, together.